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Why to choose Essence

Why to choose Essence?
Answers relevant for Management and their decision making.
Why to choose Essence?
Answers relevant for IT specialists and their decision making.
Experiences During last ten years we participated in more than 100 implementations in 10 countries of the world. In our company 30 IT specialists have certification of the Microsoft company for the implementation and administration of the information systems.
During functioning of the company Essence International all our implementations were successful (no critical application appeared).
References We have not only small and middle Czech companies but a number of prestige multinational companies too among our customers. For example one of the biggest musical publishing in the world – company EMI, for whom we step by step implement our solution based on the system MS Dynamics NAV in 17 countries, or Baumatic company, that utilizes our solution in seven branches meantime, but the number of the branches permanently increases. (For more references see here ). Among completed orders you can find a number of quite complicated projects, that approved our experiences from implementation, which had to be realized during 21 days (we were selected in a moment, when the solution of the previous supplier proved to be nonfunctional in the last minute), across Home Department order, which had extremely requirements for security, up to projects, where the accounting results of the 30 companies and more in the group have to automatically consolidate.
Satisfied Customers Not a single client of ours has terminated the partnership with Essence International so far. On the other hand, 16 companies changed their MS Dynamics partners and became our customers. Satisfied customers appreciate our work by their reference statements.
Well-proven and Effective Procedures Our solutions and add-on modules are based on our know-how gained while implementing in developed countries, solutions used by dozens of EU based companies. As a result, you do not have to engineer (and pay for) already existing solutions.
Flexible Cooperation Essence International is not a giant consulting company and that is why our specialists are able to respond flexibly and very quickly to any changes. At the same time our specialists due to our methodology and modification service are able without complications take all innovations into the whole solution.
Stable team of professionals Permanently higher requirements are placed on our employees. Apart from high professional knowledge in information technology area we require as well asspecialization in procedure area and business consulting. Due to requirements placed on employees when they are selected our team stays stable and our customers pump from the long-time cooperation with the team of devoted professionals.
Proven Methodology Our tuned methodology Essentials Seven bring not only smooth implementation regarding IT, but also significantly makes for more effective company procedures, saving costs and faster grow of the company.
More see methodology Essentials Seven and Case study .
Methodology Essentials Seven has from the point of view IT these basic benefits:

  • implementation on schedule
  • implementation in required extension
  • implementation without exceeding budget
  • fluent changeover to the new system, minimization of the risks connected with the new system.

More see methodology Essentials Seven and Case study .

Proposal of procedures Our solution fully adapts to procedures within your company. Even it can help you with a creation of the new more-effective procedures.
Complex services in IT Besides our implementation services we also provides complex services in the IT area so your business system would be perfectly protected. We ensure activities related with a possibility of using grants of EU structural funds. As a part of our complex IT service we also provides consultant service and expertise in an area of hardware, company network systems, security measures design, database optimization or e-business solutions. We are capable to provide a number of other IT services – just ask.
Our services and Helpdesk Implementation is not our only activity. Our company aim is a fully satisfied customer at any time of the project and in the post implementation period. Therefore we are in a close contact with the customer all of the time and we are carefully servicing customer’s solution so that its data are available on demand and in order.
We suppose that this is one of the reasons why our clients are coming.
Our helpdesk and support system is structured in 3 main levels and its procedures are developed in detail. We believe that you will appreciate it every time you’ll be seeking for a help.

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