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For each company the information about its current state is very important. It enables managers to make the right decisions at the right time.
Essence Business Solution (EBS) offers its clients Jet Reportsthrough Business Intelligence Solutions or using Reporting Services in Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Reporting Services is a comprehensive platform to facilitate the flow of information across the enterprise, which in return speeds up reporting and facilitate cooperation and management.

Main features:

  • Flexible intuitive features for creating faster reporting
  • Accessing a combination of data from almost any source
  • Secure, view and share reports directly from the web
  • Facilitate cooperation and management through integration with Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Scaling as needed

SQL proces


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services provides a comprehensive server platform designed to support a variety of reporting needs. It enables organizations to extract relevant information where needed in the company.

Top new features

  • Creating reports with any structure by using new unique features for flexible report layout (Flexible Report Layout).
  • Advantages of performance and scalability for all users in the organization.
  • Generate reports in Microsoft Office Word.
  • Integrating Reporting Services with Microsoft Office SharePoint Services for central management and providing an overview of the company.
  • Creating reports with formatted text.
  • Graphical representation of data with enhanced virtualization capabilities.


You can easily and quickly create complex and formatted reports.

Using a comprehensive environment for designing reports.

You will get higher productivity through the use of well-known development tools based on the Microsoft Visual Studio. Provide an intuitive interface to design and guide the rapid creation of solutions for assembly.

Build reports from different data sources across the organization.

Possible data sources include SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, SAP NetWeaver BI, Hyperion Essbase, and more.

Support reporting for business users.

Enable business users to create custom reports and navigate enterprise data using Microsoft Report Builder 2.0, which features an intuitive and familiar design environment optimized for Microsoft Office.
Report Builder 2.0 tool allows users to work directly with the necessary data source or use friendly semantic model assembly through which they can create reports without major technical knowledge of the underlying data structures.
You can create semantic model consistent of relational databases, SQL Server, Analysis Services database and or Oracle database to support end user reporting.
Using Interface the ADO.NET Framework can overcome this division and create a model that supports three general patterns of inheritance store:

  • Table for each hierarchy: One table contains data for all the types in the hierarchy, wherein the one column is used to distinguish between types.
  • Table for each subclass: One table contains the basic properties of type hierarchy and separate tables for additional properties defined for individual subtypes.
  • Table for each specific type: One table contains all the properties of a particular class, including inherited properties.


Flexible options for displaying data

Format its reports in a manner that is most suitable for your purposes.
You can use a spreadsheet format for assemblies with fixed data or matrix format for dynamic crosstab report. You can also combine these two formats using highly innovative new format for data representation Flexible Report Layout.

Reports modification

With the new text formatting options you can use combined styles, paragraph and hyperlinksin text fields. To implement embedded formatting data, you can use expressions.

Data visualization

Reports can be enhanced with a graphical visualization of data using new options for creating scales and graphs.
Take advantage of other improvements graphs using notepad, custom color palettes marks on the axes of graphs and merge multiple axes.


Easy management environment to generate reports with a number of powerful tools.


Using the comprehensive management tools

You can schedule to run reports, manage subscriptions, reports and control access to reports via the Web Manager.
Integrate Reporting Services with Microsoft SharePoint technologies to centrally manage reports in the familiar environment – Office.
Using Configuration Manager Reporting Services can deploy and manage all the configuration options of Reporting Services.

Securing solutions for creating reports

With the security model of Reporting Services role-based can secure access to reports, folders, resources, and shared data sources.
Confer users to access by assigning them to predefined or custom role definitions.

Customizing management

Use an extensible architecture and open interfaces for integration solutions to various reports IT environment.


Offer formatted reports to users through a variety of mechanisms.


Processing reports with High-speed option

Ensure effective reporting due to revised processing module assemblies.
With reports unbound to reduce memory usage and memory conflicts.
Optimize performance reports with the processing of the request and generate instance-based.

Generate reports in a variety of formats

Users in your organization will have the best format reports for specific purposes.
Possible formats assemblies include HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, TIFF formats and Microsoft Office Word and Excel.

Possibility to send reports automatically through subscriptions

Pomocí funkce odběru lze zasílat sestavy v konkrétní čas a do konkrétního umístění.

Sestavy lze zasílat e-mailem nebo je lze publikovat do sdílené složky v síti.

Firemní uživatelé se mohou přihlásit k odběru sestav nebo lze vytvořit odběry vázané na data pro centrální správu odběrů sestav pro více příjemců.

Vkládání sestav do aplikací a na portály

Using sampling reports can be sent at a particular time and in a specific location.
Reports can be sent by e-mail or can be published to a shared folder on your network.
Business users can subscribe to reports or subscriptions can create data-bound to centrally manage subscriptions reports to multiple recipients.

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