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About Microsoft Dynamics NAV | Integrated, adaptable, business solution

Your company success depends directly on effective work of your employees. Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution (know in the past as Navision) is integrated, adaptable solution that enables your managers and operative staff accept important and everyday decisions with greater confidence.

This solution makes processes related to finances, customer relationships and a chain of suppliers and customers easier and automatic, and also helps to achieving business success.

Employees on each key position of the organization – planners and analytics, sales and marketing employees, service department for customers and warehouse employees they all can contribute to company success thanks to MS Dynamics tools.

For whom is Microsoft Dynamics NAV determined?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has specific functions and tools for retail companies, manufacturing, distributing and service corporations, wholesales, project managing companies and also Civil Service organizations. MS Dynamics NAV solution is created to fully support not only locally operating companies but also those who operates in several countries.

Easy control, good connection to other MS products

Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution gathers information from the whole company and enables to analyze this information to receive better decisions. Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution has similar user environment as other known Microsoft software companies. Therefore is easier to perfectly learn with it then with other ERP systems. Time necessary for studying and using in practice is getting shorter.

Solution is ready to cooperate with others Microsoft software, e.g. Microsoft Office and top technologies as Microsoft Windows Server System and Microsoft.NET.

Data that are entered in one place are shared with the whole company which makes operation faster, leads to make less mistakes and brings information for everyone’s needs.

Maximum affectivity can be achieved by enlarging process into whole business sphere.

Certificated partners provide individually adapted services

This solution is provided by the net of experienced and certificated partners ensuring local, individually adapted services – from planning and implementation to incident setting and stable professional help and education.

That means that you will gain the business solution from the local specialist and he will be prepared to help you whenever the business conditions change and your company gets bigger (extend).

Can these products satisfy my company’s special needs?

Thousands of developers MSCD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developers) around the world developed add-ons that enriched the standard function of products and satisfy the specific requirements of branches and organizations. They have experience with small and mid-sized companies and offer huge range of service which contribute the success of your company.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions and services could be adapted to your unique requirements – right for an individual user that can easily control his working environment in order to achieve the maximum productivity.

All functions could be placed on web site and can be easily accessed by employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

All important areas of business activity

Podnikatelské funkce Dynamics NAV

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV there is elaborated solution that covers all important areas of business activity:

Audit and analysis

Enables to manage budgets, create and consolidate reports and find trends and relations in any part of the company.

Managing of customer relationship

Enables to manage groups of customers, create and start marketing campaigns, keep track of customers activities, organize business and subsequent sales.


Enables keeping track of inventory, orders and purchases, creating sales prognoses, E-commerce and managing of warehouses.


Enables customers and vendors place a contract with your company anytime through webs or direct access between yours and their system.

Customer services

Enables to create and manage servicing contracts, set and keep track of service calls, display the schedules and optimize working capacity between resources.

Financial management

Controls general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, sales, purchases, fixed assets and cash flow. Transacts applications and payment.

Human resources management

Enables to manage human resources, from surveying, staffing and employees registrations to ability development and wages processing and employees advantages.


Enables to coordinate the whole process of manufacturing from product configuration and planning requirement due to the capacity to scheduling and factory management.


Provides employees, customers and business partners to access data, applications and services through the web viewer and enables them more effective cooperation.

Project management

Enables to control resources, create predictions of costs and budgets, keeping track of time and expenses and organize contracts and billing.

Retail sale

Carries out the retail operations from sales to delivering. Enables to increase the number of customers, speed up procedures and targets, control inventory and automate purchases.

Customers and suppliers chain

Enables warehouse operations in one or more places, order processing, planning due to the demand and online partnership with vendors.

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