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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a fully integrated system for customer relationship management (CRM). Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you a clear and organized overview of your customers, from the very first contact, the actual sales and finally the business interactions with the customer. There are tools that allow you to maintain and develop sales process, marketing and customer services. Natural integration with Microsoft Office Outlook application together with these tools makes the Microsoft Dynamics CRM a fast, flexible and available solution.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great help to improve your everyday business processes.


Marketing: Better customer overview and marketing investment with good quality information

You can group your customers into several segments and then use these customer groups for your marketing activities with options to initiate workflow process. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers to all marketing professional departments tools to manage the following areas:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Planning and running campaigns
  • Data filtering and sorting
  • Reporting and further analysis
  • Marketing and sales integration
  • Information sharing portal

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Sales: More leads and closed deals

The system is offering a complex customer pipe line both online and offline and tools for sales people who can work with leads, convert them into opportunities and finally closing the sales process, all in real time, resulting in increased ratio of successfully closed deals. Here are some examples of what Microsoft Dynamics CRM is offering:

  • leads and opportunity management
  • contact and sales relationship management
  • administration management
  • forecast and sales analysis
  • offline and mobile device access
  • access to products, prices and offers in no time

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Customer service: Greater value for customers

Shorter response time to customer requirements, the ability to meet the clients needs and to provide effective care, these all together contribute to building a long-term, mutually convenient customer relationship.. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is offering functionalities to manage the following areas:

  • contact and sales relationship management
  • service cases management and communication
  • products and contracts management
  • knowledge base management
  • service planning
  • workflow across individuals and teams
  • service schedules and analysis

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Definitely User Friendly

An intuitive user friendly interface, wizard tools and a close integration with Microsoft Office applications – these all make Microsoft Dynamics CRM a system fully adjustable to an individual user style.

  • Fast adaptability thanks to the so well-known Microsoft Office Outlook application interface. This allows users to manage customer relationship without having to learn working with a new system application.
  • Greater options for users themselves: users can create workflow definitions and reports themselves, without additional help from IT department. There are new wizard tools to easily create new items and manage and organize existing entries and entities.
  • Better, even great results: managers with good quality information, based on excellent Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools and functionalities for planning, forecasts and both online and offline reporting, will make better decisions about time investment, budgets and resources.

Modern technologies

Based on reliable, effective and standardized technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a highly flexible CRM system that can grow and change with your company.

  • A wide variety interface where users can choose Outlook or clearly web based interface, thick or thin mobile client or can work with the application offline.
  • Optional installation method: solution may be implemented directly at customers or as a hosted solution with Microsoft Dynamics partner.
  • Greater scalability and performance based on cluster supported functions and performance levelling, parallel processing of received entries and performance improvement for WAN network (Wide Area Network).

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