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Microsoft CRM – Service module

Microsoft CRM Service provides exceptional customer service functions and allows increasing the processing capacity requirements without recruitment of new staff.

Microsoft CRM Service helps track customer requests, manage support requests and service support from the first contact through to successful resolution. This enables to provide constant and effective support to customers and increase their satisfaction.

Functions to meet the needs of Service

modul-servis-ms-dynamics-crmManage service cases

Create, assign, and manage customer service requests from initial contact through successful resolution, as well as management of all relevant communications and activities.

Service inquiries

Automatic assignment of incoming service inquiries to the appropriate service center.


Sending cases to the queue for processing, where they are easily available to individuals and teams.

Service planning

Finding a qualified preferred customer service expert. Planning service activities for delivery of quality service.

Service activities

Planning of service activities (meetings) in which the service experts are automatically synchronized with their Microsoft Outlook calendar.

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Routing and workflow

Automatic routing of service requests to the correct individuals or teams to address escalate or redirect the request.

Global Service Calendar

Management of service appointments, service staff, tools, facilities and resource allocation across all service locations in a single calendar.

Knowledge Base

Quick solutions, to common service requests, using the knowledge data base that can be efficiently searched and which contains descriptions of the corresponding solutions. Built-review process helps ensure that published information is complete, correct and properly labeled for search.

Contract Management

Create and manage service contracts helps ensure proper billing service. Each time when service case is solved, will automatically update the corresponding data in the relevant contract.

Manage your e-mails (including automatic responses)

Managing records of communication with customers via automated tracking e-mail messages to customers. Generating and sending automated responses to customer requirements.

Product Catalog

Work with user friendly features for product catalog that includes support for complete pricing levels, warehouse units, discounts and other pricing options.


Using comprehensive tools to identify common problems in supporting, evaluating customer needs, monitoring the process of support and service performance.

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