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Why to choose MS Dynamics NAV  as an information system?

Behind Dynamics NAV stands the biggest software company in the world and that is Microsoft

This solution have 136 000 installations in 132 countries. That is the reason why there were solved, tested and debugged all details (that are important for effective running of ERP system and consequently your company) in the MS Dynamics.

Guarantee of future development

Solution of MS Dynamics NAV has a future – Microsoft invests each year 35 % of enterprise solution division turn-over into the product development.
Full-range functionality

Solution offers full-range functionality that covers overall majority of business areas. MS Dynamics NAV can also be “your first ERP” – smaller companies can buy only a basic functionality for a favorable price. Thereby they will get full-valued ERP system with the possibility of enhancement in future.

Attested executive database

Solution is standing on the most useable database all over the world (MS SQL server). For customers that don’t need such an effort, we can offer the third most useable database in the market Navision Native that is for free.

The most spread ERP system in the Czech republic

MS Dynamics NAV has been on the Czech market already 15 years and has over 1 000 installations here. That is much more then every other ERP system. Therefore each year gets this solution audit for the Czech legislation by the one of the front audit companies.

Average recovery of investment into MS Dynamics NAV is 1,5 year

With making the business processes easier you enable employees to increase their productivity. Company solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV could be easily implemented into the IT environment so that your customers will be able to work on their duties without being interrupted. You can automate processes starting with strategic management through customer relationship management, business cycle improvement, receivables proceeding, warehouse stock, to cutting down errors while sending out the goods. Your employees will be able to minimized time-consuming and routine activities, cooperate and share information.

Independent studies prove that the positive investment return as MS Dynamics NAV achieve non of his relevant competitors.

Supporting of right decisions, cost reduction, more efficient processes

Enable your employees to receive decisions that bring to your company positive changes and profit. Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution makes employees easier decision by providing data in real time and efficient tools for creating reports and analysis. You’ll get access to each information you need for everyday company operations and to determinate long-term strategy. The biggest advantage is that you can be sure that you receive the right decisions with the best impact on yours company financial future.

High security

MS Dynamics NAV is highly secure system. You can define accesses separately or connect with log in to the company network.

Intuitive control such as MS Office

MS Dynamics NAV control is easy and intuitive such as other Microsoft product – Microsoft Office. Allow your staff to work effectively using tools they already know.

You will learn working with MS Dynamics NAV in shorter time then with others ERP solutions.

In terms of skills and knowledge of other Microsoft products your employees could achieve magnificent results.


Similarly easy to MS Dynamics NAV control is also setting up outputs out of this system. You can set up yourself appearance of your report, screens, fields order, you can filter data, sort out as you need and so on. And you don’t have to pay for it or adapt to someone else’s preferences.

Integration to other Microsoft technologies

MS Dynamics NAV is connected to other MS technologies. It is integrated into the system (Word, Excel, Outlook, and also XML integration to other systems using Web Services or MSMQ).

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