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Essence enhanced solution | higher added value for a customer

The company Essence International enhances the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution by a number of improvements and modules which are fully integrated into the standard solution. We aim to bring the higher added value to our clients than other implementation companies.

The result of our modifications is a central business information system which places emphasis on a user friendly interface of the system, readiness and an information value of the whole solution.

Improvements and modules of the company Essence International are for example:

Manufacturing solution from Essence

The solution from Essence International for manufacturing companies is based on modules of complex company information system Microsoft Dynamics NAV (previously Navision). It is designated for manufacturing companies operating in the majority of industrial production sectors.

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Financial Management

Business solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Financial Management provides your employees a way of how to increase the visibility of financial indexes and efficiency of the financial management in the whole organization – and all of this with the known tools and current skills.

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Solution for Warehouse Management

Essence International s.r.o. warehouse management solution provides an easy and complex tool for evidence of stock and pallet contents using PDA bar code readers. The process of obtaining and archiving warehouse stock data has been maximally simplified, especially for warehouse employees.

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Jobs Management (Orders)

General definition

The solution for job (order) management – optimalization of budgets, resources and costsrepresents a complex solution for detail planning, costs controlling, abstract creation and job realization.

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Practical application

Jobs module is fully integrated with Dynamics NAV solution. Its aim is to provide user an efficient tool for complex job monitoring, its phases, accurate budget including managing resource capacity, managing material needs up to monitoring the reality and economic efficiency of each job.

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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution provides all the tools and functionalities needed to create and maintain a clear overview of a potential and existing customers from the first contact, across sale, up to the resulting service. It is an efficient and economic tool integrated into MS Dynamics NAV.

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Solution e-support

E-support of Essence International Ltd. simplifies and improves the quality of communication between the solution provider and his customer after the implementation. The primary goal of the application is on one hand to simplify administration of solution provider and an orientation in customer needs and requirements, and on the other hand to provide customer with professional services together with transparent information about number and actual status of his requirements to support department.

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Web Shop created by our company Essence International is an e-shop based on ASP.NET technology. Communication between the Web Shop and Microsoft Dynamics NAV is implemented through web services in real time.

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