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E-support | an easy communication with customers

E-support of Essence International Ltd. simplifies and improves the quality of communication between the solution provider and his customer after the implementation. The primary goal of the application is on one hand to simplify administration of solution provider and an orientation in customer needs and requirements, and on the other hand to provide customer with professional services together with transparent information about number and actual status of his requirements to support department.

A big advantage of Support solution is its direct connection to company’s information system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Thereby an on-line actualization of data concerning support activity (payments, interactions…) is ensured. Information is immediately accessible from anywhere in the system and it is possible to process and evaluate them immediately.

Process description | communication opportunities

In companies that provide subsequent support of their own solutions, requirements to support department are usually performed either telephonically or by email. Essence Support solution enables your customers to enter and consequently control the status of their requirement through specialized web interface.

Your customers can maintain to use a standard way of communication through phone or email. In this case, customers requirements will be entered directly into the system by a support employee who can either use the Support application or data will be inserted directly into MS Dynamics NAV (it depends on the setup of internal processes). Customers will be able to control and find out the actual status of their requirements in the same way as if they entered the data by themselves.

Support call | a record in MS Dynamics NAV

In the following picture you can see the entering and solving a support task directly in information system MS Dynamics NAV.

Entering of customer’s requirements is executed only by authorized employees (through phone, email or web application). The reason is not only simpler and well-arranged tracing of support incidents but above all to maintain a security level while processing the requirements (competent person has unique login and password). This practise helps to increase security of data processed by support department, but at the sometime to prevent insertion of incorrect requirements or repetitive insertion of the same requirement.

A list of support requirements | an overview for the selected period

In the following picture you can see the outcome in form of a list of inquiries for particular customer to support department for the selected period (e.g. one calendar month).

We generate this report periodically for each customer directly in MS Dynamics NAV and in terms of our support services we send it automatically in PDF format to previously defined email address. If it is needed, authorised user can obtain it through Support application too (obviously, the data can be filtered if necessary).

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Solution of web interface | solution structure

In the following schedule is described the structure of Support solution. We base creation of the appearance, content and structure of the solution on our customers’ requirements and needs. Nevertheless it is a very flexible web application, which can be fully modified according to requirements of the particular client.

Support’s web interface | work process with application

After correct log in of an authorised person to Support, basic menu will be displayed. From this menu he can further get to:

Overall overview of support calls for the selected period. This submenu can be only seen by super users (e.g. business director or customer’s agent). In this menu user can display a list of all support calls and has an option to filter by person, support classification, date, status etc.

Information about the customer’s company – all the data are connected to MS Dynamics NAV: name, address, contact person, overview about support lump exhaustion etc. You can also find here details about support calls: support status (new, assigned, awaiting approval, approved etc.).

Submenu to log in new support call

Open supports list waiting for being solved. Only supports enter by the signed in user are displayed.

Support’s web interface | appearance and graphic of the application

Below you can familiarize with appearance and principle of access to Support web application defined for our company (Essence International Ltd.).

Appearance of the Login page:

Main menu:

Overview of open support calls for the particular user:

Naturally there is a possibility of complex processing so that it satisfies all requirements of the particular company. We are able to adjust the content, graphic appearance, colour alignment, language layer, Support solution structure etc. and therefore satisfy all customers’ requirements. Furthermore we are also able in a short time to create further diffusive functionalities and their connection to company’s information system MS Dynamics NAV.

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