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Warehouse Management | a perfect inventory and pallet evidence

Essence International s.r.o. warehouse management solution provides an easy and complex tool for evidence of stock and pallet contents using PDA bar code readers. The process of obtaining and archiving warehouse stock data has been maximally simplified, especially for warehouse employees.

PDA bar code readers | an effective way of managing pallets

The basic principle of the entire process is unloading goods from a van in a buffer stock and putting goods away to a particular warehouse location. The expedition process is quite similar. Goods required are picked from a warehouse to a buffer stock and loaded onto a delivery vehicle. All these warehouse operations are simplyrecorded by the use of a PDA bar code reader.

A basic warehouse scheme

Warehouse put-away operation can process both pallets and particular items. The pallet management provides information on pallet bar codes and their disposal at the moment of sale of several items or packages from the pallet.

Each warehouse operation is recorded via a mobile device which enables a user to process the common warehouse operations as well as fast and accurate stock-taking.

The application for PDA designed by Essence Intenational s.r.o. may be easily customized for company needs including the option of language selection of the client.

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Practical wireless conection | modern and fast solution

The bar code readers are connected to the network via wi-fi connection. The PDAs communicate with Microsoft Navision NAV system through Web Services. Application server processes requests from web services and send responses to them through MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue).

Communication between bar code reader and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Bar codes storing and printing | all the standard formats

The system provides existing bar codes of received goods to be stored as well as print new ones for documents, pallets and goods. Using an external component you can print bar codes in all the standard formats.

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