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Essence CRM solution | a tool of customer relationship management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution provides all the tools and functionalities needed to create and maintain a clear overview of a potential and existing customers from the first contact, across sale, up to the resulting service. It is an efficient and economic tool integrated into MS Dynamics NAV.

The fundamental contribution of CRM is a better organization of company’s business activities, relationships with customers, more transparent business processes, their accurate evidence, updating and archiving of history. Its goal is a maximum improvement of monitoring the business opportunities, monitoring and proceeding business cycle etc. By means of using the CRM solution you can also make better estimations of future sales and you can then easily control and analyse your business.

Contact Management | a simple overview of business activities of your company

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives the possibility to record as your company contacts as unlimited number of person type contacts, together with a subsequent replication to application MS Outlook. The advantage is a central contacts management and its accessibility by all users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and MS Outlook.

After experience from previous implementations and recognition of customers needs, Essence modified replication function in a way so that all synchronizations are processed by application server without any user intervention. While processing large data bulk, power load was shift from user’s work station to application server.

User profiles | an efficient classification of contacts

By means of using user defined profiles, contacts can be placed in the system in a way so that it is possible to accomplish an evaluation of contacts due to their profile, eventually to post a mass correspondence or emails to a particular group of contacts.

A small but important modification of Essence profiles is a possibility to insert subsequent note while having positive response in a profile. It is then possible to specify the answer in more details.

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Interaction | an easy record of communication

For each contact you can keep track of his interaction, which is a record of communication with customer or internal documents.

Each interaction can be tracked in the system to previously defined templates, which are used in communication with customers (letter, quote etc.). You can link random number of enclosures to each interaction. An entire administration of documents is reached in this way, which leads to a more transparent evidence of business activities. Interaction can be sent directly to a contact while creating the interaction or subsequently. It is possible to consolidate more interactions at once; obviously it is possible to select additional contacts to post the email (copies) to. System makes an evidence of all contact‘s interactions who there was a communication with (e.g. sending a quote). Inbound emails are automatically replicated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The process of creating an interaction is very simple, you can use a wizard:

To-dos | synchronization with MS Outlook

In the system you can make an evidence of all to-dos and link them to internal or external resources. Application server then replicates to-dos into tasks folders in MS Outlook. This functionality can be used for insertion of your own to-dos, and also for management of your own subordinates. To-dos replication is two-way, which means than after marking the task as fulfilled in MS Outlook application, the status is transferred also to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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