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Manufacturing solution from Essence

Power of complex solution of serial and custom production

The solution from Essence International for manufacturing companies is based on modules of complex company information system Microsoft Dynamics NAV (previously Navision). It is designated for manufacturing companies operating in the majority of industrial production sectors.

It is suitable for companies with serial and custom production. The whole solution is encompassed into Microsoft Dynamics NAV product and thanks to that it exploits the entire power of a complex solution operating above one source of data. Practical contribution is complete information about the whole enterprise available from one point and detailed information with all consequences. It is easy to monitor an order from the point it is created in sales module through planning, production up to final invoice and for example subsequent monitoring of additional costs in service module. Indeed this information also includes purchase of materials evoked by realization of this sales order.

Manufacturing solution is based on these essential pillars:

  • Production journals and planning journals
  • Production bill of materials (BOM)
  • Routings
  • Capacity planning
  • Material planning
  • Machine and work centres

These essential pillars are improved by upgrades from Essence that broaden the solution with respect to specific needs and requirements of a client at production process management.

Strong standard | cheaper and more flexible solution

Manufacturing solution is in a high scale based on standard manufacturing module in Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the aim of simplifying the solution and minimize the amount of future investment. System then keeps its flexibility and enables simple implementation and cheaper subsequent upgrade. Production module is a full-value part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and offers very simple access to data and their exchange with business partners and suppliers.

Velocity with which solution is able to gain necessary information for responsible employees and customers is often the basic presumption for preservation their strategic clients or obtaining new opportunities. Company’s ability to deliver quickly and in time desired specific products and services to customers is crucial. Making all production processes and business procedures more transparent helps to ensure a better quality customer service. It is possible to precisely specify bottlenecks and identify areas which are required to be improved. This way production time is shortened and level of stock decreased by simultaneous speed rise by which you are able to supply products.

Complex information system including manufacturing part could be implemented by smooth, painless process with minimum disturbance of current manufacturing operations. Essence knows exactly how to proceed the implementation without any flustering situations from workroom up to management and by this enables quicker appreciation of the investment. For implementation Essence uses a phased approach and by this decreases the need for trainings and accelerates accession of contributions. Employees are then satisfied with the new system because it gives them the opportunity to work smartly and feel the true change.

Manufacturing technical preparation | complete record and ISO support

This part of manufacturing solution includes complex record of production BOMs and work processes. Based on them calculations of production BOMs and production orders are performed. Order record is guided as continuous, i.e. an order gradually passes different stages from its creation, through re-planning to putting products away into the warehouse with an option of quality control. For each order an emphasis is placed on monitoring achieved reality (consumed material, consumed production time). A part of the production module is also order planning in regard of production capacity of workplaces. Technical preparation of production by default supports ISO norms.

Production planning | capacity restriction and calculation of critical path

Capacity centres are linked to manufacturing operations which are part of production BOM. For every capacity centre user can define a calendar with its utility. Due to these centres order planning is executed, which at the same time includes capacity of these places. The system besides existing planning principles (beforehand/retrospectively from given date of the need) disposes also of planning capacities with a limitation and subsequent calculation of critical path.

Capacity planning exploits characteristics of work centres which lie in setup of allowed limits of their efficiency. Capacity linked to production orders cannot exceed this limit. A more realistic estimate of delivery date occurs in a started up production calendar. Users are then able to control on the order expected date with calculated date based on this limitation.

Critical path then controls availability of relevant components in a given period. For each planned production order a need for semi-products or purchased parts, their actual availability or degree of completion is calculated. Furthermore, the solution then suggest user which semi-products need to be purchased and what is their standard period for their accessibility.

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Production in co-ordination | planned and unplanned co-operation

Capacity planning can be extended by co-operation planning. In Co-operation journal, co-operation requirements from an entire system are aggregated from which user can create purchase orders. Transfer of sequences for source production order is still in place so it is possible to find the status of co-operations for the relevant production order.

Superstructure in co-operation area is unplanned co-operation journal. It is a tool which allows promptly to perform particular operations in a co-operation. User by marking such operations posts these operations to the above mentioned journal, demand control is performed (bounded to ISO) incl. evaluation and from the most profitable quote an order is created which is then subject to standard co-operations.

Order management | operative plan adjustments

Improved production order control enables user to manage orders in bulk including specific or nonstandard cases. Cancellation of a production order without necessity to return costs enables to finish production order without necessity to produce final product. Practically this are orders whose realization was due to certain reasons hold up or e.g. orders designated for testing new processes. But this way of cancelling keeps spend costs which you can analyse later on.

Splitting of a production order is often used for large production orders where realization deadline exceeds chosen time interval (month, quarter, etc.). Splitting consists on separation of actual amount of the finished product and their costs from the rest of the order where work still continues. This process is priced in the moment when a company wants to regularly close even partial parts of accounting periods and to report economic situation.

Reopening closed production order is a function which enables to reopen already closed production order to eventually post further costs. This function is useful mainly for backward cost control of production orders with eventually additional costs rising.

Method of evidence | daily work delivered

Daily work delivered is tracked by an evidence mask in which order number, production operation number, centre number, worker number who realized the operation, delivery times and number of parts that pass the operation are tracked.

Evidence of work-in-process production | immediate overview

The whole production is tracked via warehouses, i.e. all material, semi-product or finished product movements have to go through warehouse. Warehouse reports then provide an immediate overview about company’s manufactured products, semi-products or status of work-in-process production, whereas all of these can be tracked to each single order.

Way of data collection | use of barcodes

Data collection upgrade serves to simplify production data collection. It is fully prepared for usage of barcodes as a data collector. It enables to view realized movements in the production and to enter new ones. During data collection it is possible to change the User ID (log off and log in as different user). System of active data collection is identical with the method used in standard production module.

Evaluation of production efficiency | final calculation module

For simple and transparent evaluation of the whole production as well as individual production processes, basic types or reports and final calculation module are used which evaluate for example fulfillment of consumption and output standards, profitability of business and production orders, an impact of purchase prices on production efficiency, production losses, losses from complains and many others.

Model calculation | information as a base for price setting

Essence created a tool for model calculation, i.e. calculations from production BOMs and routings to the lowest level of production order tree. During a short period it is possible to gain information about expected costing of production according to individual cost entries (labour costs, material costs, manufacturing overhead, co-operation) for any product or semi-product. After products or semi-products were manufactured it is possible to recalculate calculations for production orders and gain information about real costing of produced products and semi-products. Consequently there are enough information for correct setting of prices for final products.

Supporting ISO norms | all needed basis

The system supports ISO norms, allows creating all needed documents for ISO, it doesn’t allow correcting incurred documents in a nonstandard way etc. Performed measurements could be viewed in two different ways. Directly for production operations there is a possibility to track series of independent parameters. Everything could be linked to production orders. For articles and production orders one can keep track of production documentation. This documentation is saved in shared folder on a server and to individual objects are through operation system MS Windows assigned representatives and competent users.

Service production orders | all advantages or service activity

Upgrade of Service production order enables companies to utilize all advantages of Manufacturing module to provide basic service activity. Service activity is delivered as an independent part of solution which is tracked via assigned unique Service number. Service activity goes through the same stages as standard manufactured goods. Through sales order, production plan, scheduling, material consumption and time up to monitoring of work-in-progress production, costing and profitability of individual service tasks up to monitoring costs and revenues from service activity itself.

Task planner | relieving system during working hours

Improved Task planner module enables user to define operations and task that could be accomplished at exactly defined interval (date and time). These are mainly operations which could during standard working hours slow users, export periodic activities (web update, external system update, import of price lists or list of exchange rates) and further activities. This module is typically used by calculation of production requirements, replenishment of production or calculation of critical path.

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