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Essence Document Management System

Solution benefits

Essence solution for document management, based on Sharepoint Foundation 2010, is offering a complete and sophisticated system for document archiving, management, classification, storage and sorting.
Fast access – DMS is aiming to provide an immediate access to required documents regardless their storage, status and format.
Restricted and safe access to documents– DMS not only allows a quick access to documents but will guarantee a restricted access to documents based on specific rules and definitions for individual users and documents.
Well-arranged archive – DMS support organised, well-arranged and effective management of all company documents.
Workflow and authorization –thanks to its integrated system of document authorization and comments, you gain a powerful tool for improving your internal processes.
Open to other areas – Document Management System is open to other systems thanks to which you can easily integrate other modules and company processes, such as electronic payment authorization, etc.
ERP integration – integration of document management with company enterprise resource planning, such as integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
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Solution description and applied technologies:
DMS (Sharepoint Foundation 2010) includes:

  • Document register and classification into categories and types, classification into a specific department, activity, projects, etc.


  • Document authorization based on predefined workflow definitions which may be triggered either automatically or optional authorization.


  • Company archive , representing a storage of documents which have been already classified and subsequently authorized within the company authorization process, including comments and further examination.
  • Data exports: into MS Excel, PDF – data may be exported into predefined document templates, you can combine several PDF files into a single combined PDF file.


  • User notification based on completed workflow activities or, on the contrary, workflow inactivity.
  • System access flexibility: you can use any internet explorer (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome) as long as it is supporting scripting. In order to have the full functionality, especially regarding attachment operations, it is necessary to use more up-to-date explorers supporting W3C FileAPI – at the moment this means Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Attachments – attachments are stored directly in a Sharepoint Foundation database.
  • User authentication – user register is created by using active directory register.
  • DMS User rights/ roles – you can create different set of rules for individual category/ document type/ business unit/ department/ activity where the actual user rights may be defined either for individual users or groups/ company roles.
  • General system customization
  • Full-text searching
  • Payment authorization – options to use an built-in module for a company payment authorization

Scanning Centre
Original paper documents may be scanned and stored in DMS which brings the company the following benefits:

  • Reduction of paper documents volume which company is dealing with
  • Reduction of duplicated documents volume
  • Reduces the risk of a potential document loss or damage
  • Significantly improves the document traceability and brings new options for full-searching the document contents

Microsoft Outlook

With the Document Management System, you will have a wide range of email notifications that may be automatically generated for individual users or groups.

ERP system integration

Essence DMS is providing a built-in ERP system integration (MS Dynamics NAV) where both systems are integrated both ways so that data may be shared across both the platforms. DMS may be integrated with:

  • List of companies
  • Contact list
  • Dimensions
  • Projects
  • Company official documents (Purchase invoices, Purchase credit memos, Purchase pre-payment invoices, Purchase orders, Blanket purchase orders, etc.)

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