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Essential Seven | a way to efficiency

Essential Seven methodology comes from more than 10 years of experience in 10 counties in the world and is based on internationally accepted Microsoft procedures Prince 2 and OnTarget.

The main benefits of the methodology Seven Essential

Essential Seven has been constructed to satisfy not only the IT specialist’s requirements for smooth, trouble free running of implementation, but also to meet manager’s requirements for complex contribution of implemented information system. The main assets of Essential Seven can be generally divided into two parts:

1. The impact of Essential Seven in the fieldof implementation:

  • in-time implementation (thanks to precise and already tested process of implementation)
  • implementation in required range (thanks to detailed functional requirements and enterprise design analysis )
  • implementation without exceeding the budget
  • smooth conversion to the new system, minimization of risks related with the new system

2. The advantages of Essential Seven methodology on a company after the implementation:

  • more efficient processes based on information system
  • cost savings due to more effective processes
  • simple access to data and analysis formation
  • easier company process management based on new information system
  • turnover growth (more efficient CRM and communication with clients, smoother logistics, better quality control production)
  • faster development of a company (management can spend less time tackling with problems and can focus on strategic development)

How we implement

In order to reach these objectives, Essentials Seven elaborates process of implementation into 7 basic steps:

  1. Diagnostics (before contract signature)
  2. Kick off meeting
  3. Analysis (workshops, business modelling, FRD)
  4. Design Phase
  5. Construction Phase
  6. Implementation
  7. Go-live

Very important part of Essential Seven is Change and Risk Management. Thanks to them we can ensure our clients that implementation processes pass without any troubles and that the final system will be in accordance with the client’s requirements.

You can see more about the advantages of Essential Seven methodology on our client’s company’s examples in our case studies.

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