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1. Diagnostics – a guarantee of concise offer

Brief but effective Diagnostics is the first stage of Essential Seven methodology. It proceeds before signing a binding contract. The first stage is a guaranty that the supplied offer and draft agreement are realistic and that it appropriately solves the company’s requirements for new information system.

As a part of diagnostics we create a Business Case which is by another name an economic plan of project realization. This plan helps us specify, if the project, determined with the pre-set requirements, can be successfully executed and whether or not the budget is realistic.

Thanks to this first (pre-sale) stage of our implementation no single project, we implemented, was left unfinished.

Following steps

Following steps are:

  • vision formulation – the main goals and assets of new system implementation
  • definition of main risks and ways how to manage them
  • design of implementation plan.

Already in this stage we will communicate with business consultants (not only with businessmen as it is sometime usual with other suppliers) – our specialists, who know the product and can evaluate the possibilities realistically.

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