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3. Analysis – workshops, business modelling, FRD

The third stage of Essential Seven is the Analysis. The aim is to make the vision from Kick off meeting more concrete.

During this stage the following steps will take place:

  1. Workshops
  2. Business modelling
  3. Elaboration and confirmation of documents (mainly FRD)

Workshops | concretization of customer requirements

In workshops we spend the majority of time passing through Microsoft Dynamics application. With a control list application we identify those areas that need to be corrected (Gap-fit analysis – specifying which requirements are solved with our standard solution and which require a programming change).

The aim of workshops is also to find out requirements for:

  • data migration from previous systems
  • integration with external systems
  • IT infrastructure, it’s optimization
  • outputs (reports, analyses).

Business modeling | the essence of effective system

Business modelling is the basic step for creating an effective information system which will contribute to faster growth of the company, cost savings, more effective company processes and easier company management.

According to our long-time experience with designing a good information system we are aware of the importance of business modelling and we attach high priority to this stage.

During the consultation we will get familiar with our customer’s existing processes and requirements for its improvement. At the same time we will introduce the possible process changes which will, according to our long-time experience, improve the customer’s efficiency.

The consultation and agreement outcome with customer is a concrete list that describes the final status of business processes for solving (analyzed) fields.

Elaboration and reconciliation of documents | roadmap

The outputs of our workshops and consultations of company’s processes will be documented precisely. Essence International then puts forward to the customer the following documents to be reconciled:

  • Functional Requirements Document (FRD)
  • Minimum requirements set for functionality
  • Design of effective business processes
  • Needs analysis for training
  • Detailed realisation plan
  • Overview of current risks and problems.

Formal reconciliation of all documents is needed before the beginning of Design stage.

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