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6. Implementation | and careful preparation for go live

As a part of the sixth stage, Essential Seven (Implementation), we will install the needed software for servers and working stations. We set up the users rights so that all the users can work and nobody can change or read fields that doesn’t need. In this stage the users training also proceeds, so that, after go live, they manage to use the system. Next important activities:

  • Data transfer from old systems (updated data then once more closely before the go live)
  • System set-up according to settled requirements (business, accounting, production, logistic and further processes)
  • Integration of external systems
  • Set up of testing environment
  • Set up of management outputs
  • Training of users
  • The customer is asked to compile a Plan for user acceptance test.
  • User testing and feedback.

Before the finishing of Implementation stage, with „Go-live review“, we make sure that the customer is adequately prepared to work with the new system.

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