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7. Go-live | and quality solution processes of case problems

The aim of the methodology final stage, Essential Seven Go-live, is to ensure a smooth transition to new system and at the same time to minimize intervention into customer’s business activities. The Go-live stage will make use of the processes and procedures which were confirmed in previous stages.

The main steps are:

  • Statistic data will be transferred into the new system
  • When needed, transaction data will be suborned
  • Essence implementation team is ready to solve, at customer side, possible problems in the shortest possible time
  • We help our customers if some of their employees are not able to manage all singe processes at the first time
  • We are always available.

Reserve plans will be prepared in advance so as to precede possible problems after Go-live.

After the start of system,in Essence it is common that in the first several weeks our business consultants are in place and they help with creation of first documents or with initialization of more complicated operations (balancing, VAT return, synchronization). By this we make ourselves sure that the system is used in a right way and the data corresponds to the reality.

After the go-live, which was done with help of project team, and after the agreed intensive (post -implementation) time of assistance, the responsibility for the system will be moved on to the agreed level of support.

Of course, after the go-live our cooperation does not end. Post -implementation user support in form of hotline, e-mail and web support is a certainty. Our business consultants are always ready to help to solve any difficult situations or react to changes or new requirements.

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