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Risk management and change management

Risk management |implementation under control

Risk management begins in the introduction diagnostic stage with definition of risks and proceeds through the whole project – at evaluation of each stage there is a control of risk list. Let’s name the most common risks (which we are able to limit with the use of risk management):

  • insufficient hardware risks
  • insufficient users cooperation risks (they are too busy with another tasks in the company) and resulting risks of late discovery of possible problems in business processes
  • risks of unclear definition of user rights (from client’s side) of information system
  • risks of not unified requirements among company’s departments which are against each other
  • risks resulting from unwillingness of businessmen to enter data into the system in the future
  • risks resulting from insufficient preparedness of external data systems
  • risks of data inconsistency in external data systems (for example, the balancing amount does not fit)
  • risks of very often change requirements without any central coordination and other.

At each case of risk we evaluate the possibility of its occurrence and extent of possible impact. For risk with the highest possibility of occurrence or strong impact on customer, a process of managing or removing the risk is defined immediately.

Change management |systematic changes of proposal

Change management begins after finishing the 4. stage (Design) and follows until the beginning of Go-live. Whenever customer raises a need for further change in already approved system design, a RFC (Request for change) document is elaborated. We will evaluate the impacts of such a change and we will accomplish concrete adjustment of the design and documentation of this adjustment.

Change management is a process ensuring that any changes in requirements or solution are incorporated correctly into the overall solution without any negative impacts on the rest of the functionality.

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