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Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Axima

At Axima, NAV version 2015 has been upgraded to the latest version of 2017. The goal of upgrading the solution was to bring the standard NAV solution as close as possible to allow the further development of the platform towards CRM and DMS systems.


The new generation Essence solution for Developers at the company SATPO on Microsoft Dynamics

SATPO has decided to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. It is a new generation of solutions for developers with the ability to calculate the projected model results of the project for many years ahead, including sophisticated project reporting. The Essence solution enables a company to multiply the number of served projects without the need for administrative burden on the data processing side (project reporting is usually an activity for many days for each project, the system provides information online).


Online information from the Bematech production process through Microsoft Dynamics NAV

In July 2017, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 was launched. The next-generation manufacturing solution is highly intuitive, especially in terms of manufacturing performance, and is delivered to the user (the machine operator) in the form of a touchscreen. Movements in the warehouse and in production are carried out by a barcode reader. Outsourcing (including output from production) is solved at the production terminals. The advantage is online information and the smooth processing of the production process.


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