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Adast a.s. | Significant press machine manufacturer

ADAST a.s. company, one of the leading machine manufacturers, strategic partner of KBA-Grafitec s.r.o. company, is newly focusing on providing KBA-Grafitec with parts and subassemblies. After Adast’s reorganisation this alliance with one of the world’s foremost press manufacturers is a good fundament to specialize in parts and subassemblies production for KBA presses and Adast can keep the long time tradition of press machines manufacture.

Reimplementation to version 4.00 | the base for the future complex solution

Adast tab engDuring 2005 and 2006 ADAST company went through a long and unsuccessful system implementation of Navision Attain version 3.70, when a different provider of the system incorrectly calculated their potential and capabilities and could not accomplish the solution preparation according to the company needs.

For that reason, in the fall of 2006, ADAST company has changed the partner and Essence International company has become the new provider of the system. During extremely short time period a new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.00 was reimplemented in ADAST company, which became the fundament for the future complex solution.

Within the reimplementation a warehouse and the whole accounting re-adjustment for the year 2006 was done. In January 2007 the system went live and during 2007 stage II consisting in production time planning and the stage III consisting in establishing the task wage with the support of carrying out operations through bar-code readers were set off.

Calculation | information as a base of the price creation

Within the stage II a new instrument for model calculations was created; calculations of Bills of material and the technological procedures to the lowest level in the tree of production orders. In a little time the information of assumed production costs according to the individual entries of any product or half-finished products can be obtained (wage costs, material costs, indirect product costs, cooperation). After the product or half-finished product is finished the production order calculation can be recalculated and the actual information of the real production costs is obtained. As a result there is sufficient information for a proper price adjustment of the final products. Calculations are being counted up to 20-levels of the consequential production orders.

Critical path | base of the production planning

A new set of functionalities for easy planning has been created, which not only automatically set new production orders in lower levels in case there is a lack of half-finished products, they also allow to do the time planning of material purchase and of the production capacity of the individual machine and work centres. As a result the process of planning is improved so that only one worker is able to plan the production of the company (and this was possible at the time where there were around 400 employees in production).

Cooperation | early solution of critical situations

Module for requirements monitoring of cooperation, evaluation of costs and supply scheduling allows Adast a.s. company to promptly respond to the lack of the production capacities. The planned cooperation are the result of a long process of technical production preparation but the incidental cooperation come as a result of company’s approval procedures ad the operational management of crisis situations.

Help in the right time | professional service and cooperation

„Essence International s.r.o. won a difficult selection procedure for the upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the aim to correct the unsatisfactory condition, which was left behind by the previous system supplier. Essence employees have proven their knowledge and experience mostly during complicated reconstruction of accounting and data repair and in a very short time they created a solution which we can 100% rely on. Present solution and the level of cooperation fully matches our challenging demands with respect to our massive system and continuous progress of our company. I appreciate contribution of Essence International and the professional approach of its employees including the subsequent support.“

Ing. Jiří Papoušek
Financial Directo

Essence International s.r.o.
Šumavská 15, 602 00 Brno
+420 734 751 895

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