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Axima, Ltd. Complex Services | Providing Bespoke Solution

Axima company is a distributor of Electrotechnical Material for Industry, Industrial Power Supplies and Battery Chargers. This firm also deals with process automation and engineering.

Since AXIMA was established, the company’s goal is to provide complex services and taking care of customers. Consultancy and supply work is a matter of course in the Project Department.

Standard Functionality Employed | Corner Stone of Stable Solution

After consultation with experts from Essence International, Axima decided to change Navision partner and use maximum of standard functionalities while converting database to a new version of MS Dynamics NAV. After in-depth analysis of all areas it was realized that standard solution of MS Dynamic NAV version 4 covered most of the needs and only a few processes needed to be modified so that the complex solution included also company’s specifications.

Improved Solution | Development according to Customer’s Needs

By the time the solution based on standard functionalities was adopted, Axima could focus on the system improvements with they own requirements. That is how e.g. extension of Manufacturing module that enables evidence and carrying out service repairs was created. Another example would be easy and straight-line warehouse document processing or material replenishment plan. Periodic Management of Production Orders which enables to generate mo

An easy and efficient solution | Effective Integration

Important feature of MS Dynamic solution is a possibility of integration of external systems that are used by Axima. Essence helped to integrate Schneider, link imports of vendors price lists, ČNB exchange rates or electronic purchase invoices (CCS, GTS Novera…). This solution enabled to implement Intranet that uses information that is generated right from the MS Dynamics NAV solution.

Partnership with Essence | Advantage of Professional Communication

“The flexibility of MS Dynamics NAV supports customization and add-in software to meet industry or other specific needs. Essence Navision experts helped us to succeed as they were able to cover plenty of our processes and requirements by setting standard solution of MS Dynamic NAV.”

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