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Baumatic CZ

International company | a market leader in the White Goods industry

Baumatic was founded in the UK in 1992. Thanks to its business strategy, skilled employees and product portfolio Baumatic was soon recognized with both customers and competitors and achieved a very good position in the market with White Goods. Baumatic has an extensive product range encompassing refrigeration, dishwashing, laundry and extraction, as well as built-in and freestanding cookers and a diverse range of hobs. Baumatic Group currently operates in more than 35 countries in 4 continents. The centre of the company is now in the Czech republic and all its branches are controlled from here. It is a residence for product and marketing centre of the company. There is also the distribution centre for central Europe.

International implementation | dynamic development

Essence solution based on MS Dynamics NAV uses Baumatic in the Czech republic, Slovak republic, Germany, Benelux and independently (separately) also in the UK. This solution enables all branches using financial, purchase, sales, warehouse, analytics or report tools due to the legislative in each country. Some of the branches use centralized purchasing, storing and dispatching a new automatic intercompany posting module was developed. When sales documents are created in one branch at the same time purchase documents are created in second branch thanks to this module. At the moment of picking goods this information is immediately transferred back to purchase document. This minimizes the mistakes caused by users and also ensures up to date information. These processes are supported with central database of items that automatically synchronize all changes to all companies.

Implementation of all branches was done by skilled consultants from Essence International that ensured consistency of sophisticated solution. At the same time it also saved costs of local employees in Germany, Netherlands or UK.

Bespoke price setting | distribution module and strategy

Well-developed distribution module and strategy is on of the reasons of Baumatic success on the world market. Therefore we adjusted our solution during the analysis and implementation so this module is fully supported. The result is e.g. price, discount and campaign system that suggests prices exactly due to the Baumatic businessmen view.

Future development | ensured thanks to Essence solution

Baumatic is an example of modern and dynamic company that makes use of all market opportunities for its future development. The ability to adapt quickly and react to eventual changes is a necessity for the system and also for those who implements the solution.

Currently we prepare implementations in other countries in and outside Europe (e.g. Italia, Spain, China), online sale through webshop that is integrated to the Microsoft Dynamcis NAV database, conection to transporters systems, extension of warehouse directed put-away and pick functionality, central purchasing or service aplication based on Lotus Notes or PDA clients for warehouse management.

The only supplier for the group | fast recovery of investment

Jiří Sulovský, CIO manager of Baumatic Holding, described the cooperation as follows:

„Thanks to the high dynamism in our company we were glad to find a partner that was able to manage the number of dynamic changes and new requirements, which are coming up due to the company’s expansion on the white goods market. A long-term business relation with just one partner is a guarantee that the technical support will came up with a quick answer.

Very important aspect is innovative solutions provided by Essence. For example a tool for automated intercompany business enabled establishing of a logistic centre in Liberec that handles all orders for German branch. The recovery of this solution was in a few months and also enables price checking more strictly. Integrated IS for the whole group enables central controlling, comparing results of single divisions and their consolidation. We have high expectations for a web shop and EDI for connecting with customers.“

Jiří Sulovský
CIO Manager Baumatic Holding

Essence International s.r.o.
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+420 734 751 895

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