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Baumatic UK Warehouse

International company | support of expansion

Baumatic was founded in the UK in 1992. Thanks to the excellent product design, innovative technology and reasonable price Baumatic soon was a market leader in the White Goods industry. Baumatic has an extensive product range encompassing full range of kitchen electrical appliances including refrigeration, dishwashing, laundry and extraction, as well as built-in and freestanding cookers and a diverse range of hobs. Baumatic currently operates in more than 35 countries in 4 continents. The centre of the company is now in the Czech republic but he branch in UK is still the biggest. Products are available across the United Kingdom with a large display at Harrods in Knightsbridge and at a range of Baumatic Kitchen Centres and Kitchen Studios.

Fully automated warehouse | record-breaking time of implementation

Essence solution for Baumatic UK is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The main requirement for solution was very quick implementation and integration of warehouse into the system. Baumatic was not satisfied with the situation when all warehouse operations were managed by external company using their own system without the possibility to influence these operations. Due to the necessity of the prompt taking over the warehouse, it was necessary to implement the solution in less then two month. The whole warehouse solution including e.g. pallet management saved up costs and enabled controlling of the warehouse processes and inventory.

Hand held terminals | more effective warehouse

For the maximum productivity the present computer terminals with MS Dynamics NAV were replaced by Hand held terminals with the Microsoft Mobile system. Over 20 screens enable all employees in the warehouse an easy and comfortable access to all warehouse operations and necessary information.

HHT communicate with the system immediately. Data are transferred via wi-fi that communicates with the remote server using Web Services. Costs for this effective solution were covered by reducing the number of MS Dynamics NAV clients.


Connection with other systems | integration in the system

One of the main tasks of Essence solution is an integration of all Baumatic UK processes and activities. This also includes the system integration of external companies which Baumatic uses. The solution is connected with carriers systems and with application that is managing the work of service engineers.

Warehouse Essence | effective management of a warehouse

Jiří Sulovský, CIO manager of Baumatic Holding, described the cooperation as follows:

„Thanks to a very good cooperation with Essence and a great effort of warehouse managers it was possible to create an integrated system with its great benefit – a live connection to MS Dynamics NAV. Warehouse takeover from the external administrator passed without any difficulties and the warehouse operations were not affected.

Created application for Windows Mobile respects all aspects of comfortable work on a devise. It simplified the goods searching for stock keepers in the warehouse and management took control over the warehouse including the possibility to audit the movement of the goods within the warehouse. The whole investment came back in 3 months thanks to the effective work of stock keepers and managers with such a solution. Higher efficiency motivates us to implement this solution also to our logistic centre in Liberec.“

Jiří Sulovský
CIO Manager Baumatic Holding

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