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Ministry of Internal Affairs | Large system and high security

minvnitra01 The company ZSMV provides and supplies full service for Ministry of Internal Affairs in purchasing tangible property, provides building maintenance (cleaning, repairs, service), vehicle maintenance of large fleet, catering, leisure amenities, as well as service supply of new building development, security guard and satellite vehicle security.


High quality and fast economic analysis | more efficient management decisions

„Solution of company Essence based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV helped our company to speed up and improve the quality of processing economic analysis necessary for management of the organisation. We have now got up to date information used for efficient decision making. On top of that thanks to the used database there is higher date protection and security. I appreciate professionalism and expertise of Essence staff and their interest in customer care.“


Ing. Petr Zeman
Financial Director

Integration of 6 systems | online solution and increase in process efficiency

Data from different locations are safely stored in one place

Essence Solution uses central database with remote access from each local office. This flexible solution enables online access to management data of each local office from any place in the system and there is no more need to transfer the data in batches from local offices to the head office.

Several systems integration simplifies data access

Solution Essence integrates several supporting systems as system for managing car repair service, catering, hotel and reservation system. The advantage of the integration is detailed overview of movements in warehouse which are primarily managed in the supporting systems. This leads to higher transparency of material flows and ability to control local offices on daily basis. This solution exports necessary data into system SAP of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Expertise as base of successful implementation

High level knowledge of Essence analytics enabled quickly understand needs of company based in public sector and made it easier to create necessary changes in e.g. budgets area. Local offices are now able to create their own budgets based on the central budget but only to the preset cost limit of the local office. The system of access rights was created throughout the system and each local office has access only to their data.

Fast and efficient stock take through bar code readers

Detailed solution analysis showed large amount of long term and short term assets in all local offices. As a result of that special adjustments for assets stock take through bar code readers and subsequent approval of physical inventory in fixed assets journals have been created. This development enables efficient and fast physical inventory of assets by local offices and location.

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