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Netprosys | System integrator and the communication technologies leader

Netprosys, s.r.o. is dealing with the system integration and to its customers it offers the complex security of implementation and delivery, starting with the preliminary problem analysis, project activities, system delivery realization up to user training and customer service.

From its beginning Netprosys has been focusing on services connected to building communication infrastructures mostly in metallic and optical LAN networks, branded active technologies including their administration and diagnostics. Today, ten years after its activity in the Czech market, Netprosys belongs among the leaders in the branch.

Project management | perfect project monitoring

Project management module including resource and supplies management is used in Netprosys companies. The project leaders can organise the time of their subordinates and buyers can schedule material distribution for each single stage of projects. In the result there is a perfect survey of the cost and revenues of every project in their individual phases.

The aim of this solution is to provide the user with an efficient tool for complex monitoring of projects and their stages through detailed budgets, resource capacity management, material demand management to reality and project effectivity monitoring.


Project budgets | human resource and purchase planning

Resource budget can be built not only for an individual resource but also for a group of resources. This functionality can be used if it has not been settled yet which resource of a certain group of resources will do the job. Planning of specific resources can be linked to individual lines when the job allocation is clear.

Human resources and material consumption, sales invoices submitted to a customer are posted against planned lines of the project. As a result it is possible to monitor the planned and the real costs and revenues at the level of the individual lines or the whole project or a business transaction, including a neat comparison in a printed report. The system also supports automatic posting of the unfinished production based on the individual stage of consumption and billing.

Project manager creates the budget of the project including requested resources and material linked to a specific line of the budget and date. The solution makes it possible to plan resources, monitor their usage and to plan the material purchases and supplies for the project according to a particular date.

System Integration | modern CRM and a reliable wage administration

Due to demanding user requirements a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution was implemented into the central system Dynamics NAV. A user friendly product – Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the information in the central system were combined. Directory of firms and persons including all related information were replicated between both systems. Project management agendas were connected in the next stage.

With delivery of Microsoft Dynamics NAV a wage system DTG from a company Datacentrum with an automated connection to a central system was implemented. The result is an automated posting of the wages and an export of a payment order into MS Dynamics NAV so the bank statement is automatically matched by the functions in the central system.

Professional services | during implementation and subsequent support

„We ofer professional services to our clients and we expect the same from our vendors. This was one of the reasons we started to cooperate with Essence International during implementation of our information system. We appreciate the knowledge and experience of the Essence employees and their approach to the implementation and the consecutive support. The solution from Essence fully assists our processes and allows further growth for our company. We have gained very efficient tool which gives us a perfect survey of the costs, revenues and profits of our projects.”

Ing. Lucie Vorlová
Financial director

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