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RAVEN EU Advisory, a.s.

Top specialist consultancy company | acquiring subsidies from EU

RAVEN EU Advisory is a notable specialist consultancy company in the sphere of complex consultancy in the Czech and Slovak Republic securing the whole process of acquiring subsidies from EU for all types of applicants. The main company asset are the experienced team of deeply specialized professionals and a wide-range know-how which was justified by succesful realisation of more than 900 projects. Thanks to that, the company is able to quickly respond to developing needs of its customers and also generate wide range of occupational and creative projects

Effective tool | for complex project monitoring

Tabulka Raven engThe goal of the solution, designed for project-managed companies, is to provide the user with the efficient tool for complex monitoring of the projects and their stages with detailed budgets, resources and material management and monitoring of the reality and economic effectivness of individual projects. In RAVEN EU Advisory, the project management module is extended by monitoring subsidy fulfilment. It is possible to do the audit of the intention and also the audit of the applicant due to interconnection of the central system and Subsidy Audit system. As a result there is a list of possible subsidies for the applicant or the applicant’s intention. Thanks to the system it is then possible to monitor the basic project and activities after acquiring the subsidy, so-called Subsidy management.

EURONET | project management outsourcing

Euronet1New web application – EURONET was developed for RAVEN EU Advisory which is provided by RAVEN in a form of outsourcing to regional authorities. EURONET offers a complex solution which covers the whole subsidy cycle from the original idea of the project realization through its preparations to its successful completion, including error free selection procedures and follow-up monitoring. It takes into account necessary changes in organisation structures, regulations and directions and provides insight into the institution economy in connection to subsidy utilization. EURONET introduces project management into local government operation, implements process management directives, sets the responsibilities and powers of the trade unions, other authorities and institutions and individual workers.

Subsidy management solution | value added for the client

Web portal offering the full project guidance (subsidy management) was developed for RAVEN customers. This solution offers to view all subsidy requests, deadlines monitoring, administrative help, access to operating statements and final reports, documents of individual reports, payment requests including all the essentials necessary for verification of correctness or the right to draw the subsidy, monitoring and reporting of fulfilment of mandatory indicators.

Unique and professional solution | we are forging ahead

Project manager and the Raven EU Advisory, a.s. IT department director said about our cooperation: „Concerning company Essence International s.r.o., I and our whole team was impressed by complexity of the provided service and their high professionality. Thanks to well mastered pre-implementation stage, which among others included introductory user training for our realization team and also for all users, we were able to ask for partial functionality modifications during the implemenation process, which later turned out to move the whole solution to a higher standard. In our business activities the sources of information were unified which led to a dramatically higher work efficiency of our employees. The most significant was the implementation of order project management for our clients, which is really unique and made-to-measure to our needs. Thanks to this we keep drawing away from our competition. Similarly our business partners appreciated new functionalities, which will alow them to take use of products they have not known or we did not offer before.”

Jiří Koželuha

IT department manager

Essence International s.r.o.
Šumavská 15, 602 00 Brno
+420 734 751 895

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